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Best advocate!


Dan Raff helped me with a matter on my credit report. He provided the information I needed to make a decision re course of action. I felt confident with his level of knowledge. Through working with Dan Raff, this matter is now managable and I have peace about my decision.

Received all the answers I needed


Dan helped me to understand what all of the legal jargin was and took his time and if I had any questions he would not continue until it was clear. If I need an attorney for the same issue I would for sure get Dan to help me.

Great Attorney


Prior to my signing a work agreement for consulting work, Daniel did an excellent job of reviewing the document presented to me by the company. I greatly appreciated his ability to explain to me, in language that I could understand, the potential issues that could arise from the stated terms of the agreement and to suggest alternative approaches. I also appreciated his ability to work efficiently to accomplish the review within the amount of time that seemed consistent with the task.

I would recommend this attorney


Daniel Raff did an exceptional job reviewing a contract for me when I was considering a business opportunity. He explained very clearly what the concerns with the contract were. I forwarded those specific concerns to the people I was doing business with and they actually offered to pay me for them, because they also found them to be very valuable.

Dan was also very clear about what he expected of me and what I could expect of him. Not many people communicate so well these days. It was especially refreshing to have a relationship with a lawyer go so smoothly. I would recommend Dan to anyone else that needs an attorney in the future.

Daniel Raff is Excellent Attorney



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